Everyone is unique and have their own special story to tell.


We are passionate designers who are here to help you tell your story to the world in a clean, simple and beautifully designed way. We are not just about providing a solution service, we are also about support and making you and your story a success when you work with us.

Our motto and philosophy at 12ONE21 Design is "keep it simple", our company slogan is "Design via Simplicity."

We specialise in web design, user interface and user experience design, front-end web & app development, branding and identity design and unique concepts and illustration service. We truly believe in user experience as the most important factor in a product. This includes functionality, intuitiveness and simplicity all reflected in our designs, as we want to tell your story in a beautiful and a user-friendly manner while never losing sight of your needs.

No job is too small or too large for us, as we see every job as an opportunity for us to grow and learn new experiences, work with different and interesting people and develop & refine our skills.



    Designer. Illustrator. Husband. Father. Time Traveller. Giant Robot Lover.

  • Location : Melbourne, Australia.
    Born : 10th November

    Hello, my name is Gary and I'm the founder of 12ONE21 Design. I'm a graduate in Master of Design (Multimedia Design) and I'm also a self-taught user interface designer, front-end developer, graphic designer and illustrator. Having close to 10 years of industry experience, I have designed and worked with global advertising agencies, corporate B2B in-house marketing teams, and provided art direction and consultancy with independent artists and studios. I’m always interested in hearing about cool new projects so get in touch!

  • Personal info

    I live in Melbourne with my wife and two beautiful children. I don't really have much spare time, but if and when I do, I would like to spend it reading and collecting comic books, playing video games, watching movies and animation and think up stories about time travel, ninjas and giant robots. I have produced and self-published my own comic book series called, Knight-Edge.


We can interpret your design requirements and goals both quickly and efficiently. We also value the importance of deadlines, so your designs will always be delivered on time. Here are just a few things we can do for you:


We handcraft websites that look beautiful on all different screen sizes, using clean code that works best with search engines.


From advertisements to flyers and brochures to large-scale multimedia displays, we are here to assist and provide you with whatever graphic design needs that you might have with all our creativity to put you ahead of the rest.


Your brand identity should be unique as it is timeless. Whether it be your logo, business cards, stationary, packaging, magnets, stickers to whatever you can think of, we'll be here to help you establish your mark by designing typofaces, colours and even social media assets to represent your company.


We also provide traditional pencil and paper illustration service to digital coloured storyboards to scalable vector artwork that's not only unique but also compelling and memorable.